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- Turkish President Recep Tayy

NANJING Willy Caballero Chelsea Shirt , China, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- What do pop stars Sting, Psy, Michael Jackson and Queen have in common with the 2nd Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing?

They all feature on a playlist, specially designed to give added meaning to competitions like shooting, which were traditionally contested in silent arenas.

The International Shooting Sport Federation only recently sanctioned music to be played during competition and the Nanjing Games is the first large-scale event in the sport that has music on as shooters take aim.

Shooters at the Fenashan Shooting Hall over the last five days have been treated to a special playlist of music, selected keeping in mind the mood of spectators and the stages of competition.

Guo Jian and Zhou Runbo, two local disc jockeys, chose 300 songs for their final playlist.

"For each match we prepared at least 30 songs in the playlist and then divided them into three units, one for before competition, one for during competition and one for after competition."

For the gold-medal match in the mixed team's international on Friday, shooters were treated to a playlist featuring 'Every breath you take' by British pop star Sting, 'We will rock you' by Queen, 'Gangnam Style' by South Korean pop-star Psy, 'Billy Jean' and 'Beat it' by Michael Jackson and 'We are the champions' by Queen.

Shooting is a sport synonymous with controlled-breathing, so 'Every breath you take' was chosen keeping that in mind.

"The first song was fixed because we wanted the audience and staff to know that they should be ready," Zhou said.

Michael Jackson was a favored choice only when competition reached a crucial, tense juncture.

"Michael Jackson's songs have a strong beat, so when the match is at a crucial juncture, we played 'Just beat it'to emphasize the tension," Guo said.

The ISSF introduced a new discipline in the shooting competition for the Nanjing Games, namely the mixed-international team event. Music for this event was selected keeping this in mind.

"Since the federation released a new revolutionary format, we wanted to have a revolution even in the music, so we chose 'Gangnam style'," Zhou said. "The new rule is to promote more interaction with spectators, we decided to play songs with strong rhythm and songs like 'Gangnam style' were suitable."

Queen's rendition of 'We are the champions' was a popular choice to be played after the mixed team's finals.

"For mixed team we played this song as it is suitable for teams. We wanted to convey the idea that all shooters are champions," Guo said.

While shooters trained their eyes on the target, Guo and Zhou trained their eyes on their playlist, hoping their choice would give added meaning to the competition.

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ANKARA, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Iran in October, amid rising tension over Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) independence referendum on Sept. 25, local media said Sunday.

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