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No matter how you are playing fortnite items for sale

If you are playing PC/Mac and iOS, there are various procedures for mastering fast construction. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you need to re-map your button design (more on this in a moment).

No matter how you are playing "fortnite items for sale," the ideal way to learn how to construct is by falling to a mountainous area of the practicing and map. If you own the "Save the Planet" mode as well, you might always practice there.

"Fortnite" controls can feel cumbersome and overwhelming at first -- because they're totally overwhelming and awkward.

This is especially true for the building element of the sport, which necessitates that players change between buildable objects quickly while under fire. If you're playing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, switching between substances is handled from the shoulder buttons.

It is difficult and slow, but there's a brilliant way to fortnite items for sale fix that problem: Alter the default settings to "Builder Pro" It is a little tricky at first, but -- despite the "pro" title -- is actually far simpler to use for construction.

In the event that you and another player land on a rooftop, and the only weapon is one handgun? Pick up that handgun and utilize it.

In virtually every other case in "Fortnite," you are better off walking past that pistol until you find a shotgun.


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