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wear. Since tanning beds emit UV light similar to the sun even though

Who doesn't love a healthy Antonio Senzatela Jersey , bronze tan? It's reminiscent of days spent under the sun, summer fun and even hard work. But not everybody's blessed with naturally tanned skin so we must go the other route: get an artificial tan.

Artificial tans can be achieved using tanning sprays delivered through various channels. If sprays are not used, skin is made to look darker in tanning beds which emit controlled UV radiation. Sprays, though handy, can be messy and don't last as long as getting tanned in a tanning bed. They are favoured by some, however, so it's a matter of opinion. Let's delve a little deeper into these two techniques.

Spray-on tans

As the name suggests, spray-on tans come out of a bottle. They can be purchased at a drug or cosmetic store or can be applied at a salon offering the same.

The lotions contain chemicals that make the skin darker without the use of UV light. Effects can last for up to a week. The advantage of spray-on tans is that you don't need to use a tanning bed which some find a little daunting. Despite the beds being a lot safer than they were a few years ago, people are still cautious as UV radiation must be used.

Spray-on tans are instant. There's no waiting period. Just apply the appropriate amount, wait a few minutes and it's done. The wait is more or less the same whether you apply it at home or visit the salon where it's sprayed on the skin.

Now for the negatives, spray-on tanning lotions stain and fast. No matter where you get it done, be prepared to end up with stained innerwear unless you wash them quickly. We mentioned it's messy too and doesn't last as long as getting a tan in a tanning bed. One other possible drawback is developing skin irritation so if rashes and eruptions frequently occur with you, you may have to avoid spray-on tans.

Tanning beds

Moving on to tanning beds, these are the types you see in the movies and on reality shows where celebs and socialites go into. The tan produced lasts much longer – about a month – so if you want to look nice and bronzed for that special event a few weeks away, this is the one to get.

There are risks to getting tanned in beds and these are facilitated by having the UV light turned on high, tanning for longer than recommended, not using a sunscreen and not wearing protective eyewear. Since tanning beds emit UV light similar to the sun even though in a much lower dose, skin can burn which is where the necessity of wearing sunscreen comes in.

The only way to ensure a great tan in a tanning bed without the ill-effects is to visit a well-known salon noted for its excellent service. Salons that have been operating for at least a decade should be considered because they would have kept up with the latest tanning trends and safety measures.

People you know who've had regular tans should be asked for recommendations. Find out whether they experienced any side effects, how effective the tanning techniques were and anything else you want to know about the process. The more informed you are, the more you can enjoy the benefits of sunless tanning.

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Stimulants and alcohol could be avoided by those having difficulties this disorder. Nutrition is necessary for managing this disease. With the help of an nutritionist, you will be capable of know what type associated with food can improve yourself and prevent this issue from relapsing. The patient needs to exercise more frequently because this will help them to feel calmer.

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